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Join Brooker Insurance at the UMA Motorcoach Expo

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The ocean breeze, palm trees, and warm sand, The UMA Motorcoach Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the perfect way to motivate and educate your team! Come hang out with Brooker Transportation and motorcoach industry leaders January 6-10, 2019.


Visit us at the Expo

We’re excited that Brooker Transportation will have a front-row seat as an exhibitor at the exhibit hall, where the most innovative trends are showcased. The exhibit hall is where you’ll find all of the motorcoach manufacturers, operators, thought leaders, vendors, and 2,000 professionals in the motorcoach industry. Find Brooker Transportation in the middle of the Expo floor, near the entrance.


Mark Your Calendar

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2019

January 6-10th

Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you arrive in Fort Lauderdale there is complimentary shuttle service from the airport to UMA host hotels. After you get settled in, join us at the Broward County Convention CenterRegistration opens 10:30am-5pm, Check out the full schedule of events at the UMA Motorcoach Expo website.

  • Jan. 6 – UMA State Association Summit and Welcome Receptions
  • Jan. 7 – Expo Opening and Sneak Preview After Party
  • Jan. 8 – UMA Maintenance Competition and International Driver Competition
  • Jan. 9 – Education sessions and Bus Operations Site Visit
  • Jan. 10 – 15th Annual Ray Dupuis Memorial Golf Tournament


Party at the Beach

The Expo’s networking opportunities are laid-back, collegial events that encourage you to connect with industry peers and have fun. In the past, UMA has hosted networking events at places like the Coca-Cola Factory, Anheuser-Busch, and the St. Louis City Museum.

This year’s will take place on the beach with bonfires and s’mores. Steel drum music, pig roasts, fire dancers, and all sorts of fun entertainment are also on the expo agenda.


Make it a Vacation

Educating your team and networking is the point, but a beach-town vacation is a great perk. Fort Lauderdale has more than 400 miles of canals, hence its nickname, “Venice of America.” There’s plenty to do outside the Expo, from world-class art, craft breweries, unbeatable scuba diving and the wild and exotic Everglades. Don’t forget to take a walk along the 23-mile beachfront promenade.


As an independent insurance agent, we take pride in our premier transportation partnerships. We’re able to quote your insurance with multiple carriers, and we represent the best in the industry. We can’t wait to meet you and learn about your transportation business. Let the good times roll. We’ll see you in Fort Lauderdale!


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holiday season safety

Prepare Your Fleet for the Holiday Season

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With increased workload, more traffic, and possibly inclement weather, the holiday season brings a feast of risk for truckers. Ensuring holiday season safety for your fleet involves two components. The first component requires checking, updating, and stocking the vehicles for cold conditions. The second consideration involves educating drivers in the best practices for winter weather driving. Combining the two offers the best protection for fleet owners and independent truckers.


Preparing Commercial Vehicles for Holiday Season Driving

Commercial vehicles carry greater safety concerns due either their weight or whether they carry passengers. Both of those factors pose safety issues of major importance. Prepping a vehicle for winter may add a bit of time and extra vigilance, but the results are well worth it. Regularly inspect tires, batteries, and antifreeze, at minimum. FleetEquipmentMag.com also recommends having “cold-weather clothing and footwear, a shovel, flashlight with extra batteries, blankets, first aid kit, flares, radio, anti-gel fuel additive and food and water.” Drivers and commercial truck driving companies should create, build upon, and adhere to their own lists.


Preparing Commercial Drivers for Holiday Season Driving

Following a thorough winterization of your fleet for the holiday season, you should also prepare the drivers. An essential part of any fleet operation includes safety training. Preparing for winter driving should be no exception. Ryder posts a helpful list of safety tips for truckers. Prominently mentioned on those lists are driver stress and fatigue, the risks of which can increase with winter driving conditions. Experts overwhelmingly agree that pulling a vehicle off the road when drowsiness or fatigue sets is the best course of action. The added risks of winter driving should make a yearly appearance in addition to other training.


Continuing Education Improves Winter Driving Safety

Education for fleet drivers for holiday season driving should also include reminders of troublespots. A fantastic list of safety tips by DMV.org points out such winter driving hazards as black ice, exit ramps, bridges, intersections, and areas prone to high winds. Keeping drivers up to date on training and alert of conditions is a step in the right direction.


Drunk Driving Hazards for Truckers during the Holiday Season

The holiday season also sees an increase in drunk driving. Independent truckers and fleet drivers should exercise extra caution on dates historically known to have a higher number of impaired drivers on the road, as well as any other time during the season. Transportation.gov reported that in the U.S., 781 fatalities related to drunk driving crashes occurred in 2016, just in the month of December.


Continued Insurance Coverage Assurance for Winter Driving

With road dangers higher during the holiday season for trucking and transportation, insurance becomes a major concern as well. A fundamental and rather simple means to improve safety for fleets and drivers is to confirm current insurance coverage and that it provides for all of the potential risks.


Peace of Mind for Truckers this Holiday Season

Getting ready in advance will reduce stress later on in the winter months. Create a checklist now with dates to apply each step. With awareness of the risks, mindful preparation, training, and proper coverage for drivers, you can head into the holiday season with a greater peace of mind.

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