Your home is more than just a house, it is the place where memories are made and milestones are celebrated. To fully protect your family’s home, it’s crucial to have the proper insurance and the right amount of it. We’ll work with you to evaluate your needs and customize a homeowner’s policy that will give you the security of knowing that your home and everything in it are fully protected.

We offer a variety of homeowner insurance policies
that can be customized to meet your specific needs:

Homeowners and
Homeowners Plus

Do you have questions about protecting the investment you’ve made in your primary residence and all of its contents?  What about the other structures on your property?  Or maybe you enjoy owning a vacation property or a second home.  Our goal is to make sure that we can be a trusted advisor for all of your insurance needs.

Condominium Unit-
Owner’s Insurance

Condominium units represent a different risk than a home.  We understand the difference and can help you find the insurance products and the right carriers to perfectly match your situation and meet your needs.  Click the “Get a Quote” button at the bottom of the page and let one of our team members prepare a no-hassle, no-cost quote just for you.

Renters Insurance

Are you renting and do you have concerns about your personal property?  Give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your options to cover that TV, laptop, leather sofa, dining room set, and more!  You worked hard for it all and it is important that you have it properly covered.  Getting a quote is much faster and easier than you think.  Just click the button at the bottom of the page.

Personal Umbrella

For extra safety, let us talk to you about umbrella liability insurance.  This is that extra coverage that extends beyond the liability limits of your auto, home, and other policies in order to protect you against major claims that might arise.  Let us help you determine if umbrella liability is right for you!

As an independent agent, we have the ability to shop your insurance with our multiple carriers to find the most competitive terms and pricing for the specific insurance coverage you need.

And to help you save on your insurance premiums, we’ll let you know about discounts available to you, including discounts for multiple policies, and discounts for home safety equipment including security systems and smoke/fire detectors.