For most companies, healthcare coverage is the second or third largest expense behind payroll.  If your healthcare costs are too high, isn’t it time to seriously review your options?  As a member of Insurance Exchange Navigators (IEN), our team has the knowledge, experience, and guidance to help you find your way thru the complicated process of purchasing healthcare.

What separates us from the competition is the value-added benefit we have with on-staff medical clinicians and experienced advisors. These on-staff medical clinicians are experts in their field with nearly 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare field as they help bring a different perspective for us as healthcare navigators when we are customizing a plan that is right for you.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had, from its inception, some strong mixed reviews. Considered by some to be the new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” the law seeks to expand access to care for millions of Americans by offering guaranteed issue insurance policies based on age, tobacco use, and community rating (location of residence) while making the cost for care of older Americans or those with pre‐existing conditions more affordable than ever before.

Knowing and understanding how the Affordable Care Act can and will affect one’s business and bottom line is the accepted task of our consultants and brokers. Our organization strives to lead the way in guidance and compliance for our employer group clients. We handle most clients with our own internal resources, but utilize the industry’s best vendors whenever necessary for areas like formal compliance testing and reporting.

Employee Benefits

Brooker Insurance Agency is a proud member of Insurance Exchange Navigators (IEN), an alliance of select insurance brokers in the Northeast Ohio region.   As a member of this coalition, Brooker Insurance Agency is among a network of skilled professionals having expertise in every facet of employee benefits and individual health insurance.  IEN’s mission is to help businesses and individuals manage health insurance and benefit offerings under the new health care reform legislation. Through this alliance, Brooker Insurance Agency is pleased to offer our clients expanded insurance product options and deeper levels of expertise, as well as a streamlined insurance shopping process, enabling our clients to select the health insurance and benefit programs which best match their specific needs.

Group Health

There are a number of group health benefit options available to employers, and every option varies widely in terms of coverage and cost. With the fluid state of health care today, it is difficult for businesses to stay informed and up-to-date on available coverage options and new compliance requirements.

Brooker Insurance Agency provides expert benefits counsel to businesses and works closely with our customers to develop and implement comprehensive group health solutions that are also cost effective.

We partner with you to make the process of offering benefits less stressful on your human resources department. You can count on our employee benefit professionals to work with you throughout the year to help administer and service your benefits program – from start-up to renewal and everything in between. We can also help simplify the application process for your employees through the utilization of FormFire and other enrollment software programs.

To discuss your company’s current group health plan or to request a comprehensive review of your group health offerings, please contact Jamie Debenham by phone at (440) 238-5454 or by email at .

Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary benefits are health benefits offered by employers in addition to a standard health plan. These benefits can be either employer funded or offered on a voluntary basis (employee pays for coverage). Examples of ancillary benefits include dental, vision and life/AD&D insurance. These benefits can be a very important part of a company’s group benefits package.

Even if your company has been working toward decreasing costs and limiting spending, offering ancillary benefits to employees can be very affordable, and can go a long way toward promoting a healthy and productive staff. The cost of ancillary benefits can be fully covered by the employer or the employer can choose to share the cost with the employees.

Our Employee Benefits Division will conduct a full and comprehensive review of your current benefit plan to determine how your benefit program can be made more cost effective yet continue to provide value to your employees.

For more information, or to request an evaluation of your company’s group health benefits program, please contact Jamie Debenham by phone at (440) 238-5454 or by email at .