Brooker Insurance Agency is a proud member of Insurance Exchange Navigators (IEN), an alliance of select insurance brokers in the Northeast Ohio region. As a member of this coalition, Brooker Insurance Agency is among a network of skilled professionals having expertise in every facet of employee benefits and individual health insurance. IEN’s mission is to help businesses and individuals manage health insurance and benefit offerings under the new health care reform legislation. Through this alliance, Brooker Insurance Agency is pleased to offer our clients expanded insurance product options and deeper levels of expertise, as well as a streamlined insurance shopping process, enabling our clients to select the health insurance and benefit programs which best match their specific needs.



Brooker Insurance Agency’s Employee Benefits department specializes in the development of innovative benefit solutions that are responsive to your company’s goal to balance the overall benefit cost to the business with the desire to offer a benefit package that provides real value to the employee. Our highly trained and experienced professional staff is well versed in the complex and ever-changing area of group health benefits.

Health / Group Benefits


Due to rising health care costs and the uncertainty brought on by health care reform, employers today are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to providing health benefits to their employees. Employers must spend their benefit dollars wisely, but also offer benefits which provide real value to the employee. Employers may choose to offer voluntary plans to help fill the gaps that are left behind due to changes made in the employee’s health benefits plan.

Voluntary Benefits


More companies are offering HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) to help their employees cover their medical bills. There is also a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), which is an employer-funded benefit that is used to help offset medical expenses incurred by the employee that are not covered under the employee’s health plan.  Additionally, there are Section 125 / 132 plans, as well as COBRA Administration.  Let us help you navigate these difficult benefits choices so you can get back to your business!

HSA & Section 125 / COBRA


We offer a variety of individual health insurance plans from multiple major carriers, and these plans can be fully customized to meet your needs. Individual health insurance plans with various deductible levels, and co-insurance and co-pay options are just a few of the types of plans available to our individual health insurance customers.

Individual Health Insurance