A Commercial Umbrella policy extends coverage beyond the protection provided by your underlying business policies. If the cost of a lawsuit or catastrophic liability exceeds the limits of the liability coverage you already have, the Umbrella Liability can offer you additional limits of protection.

Commercial Umbrella

In order to safeguard the business you have invested so much to build, you may want to consider the Commercial Umbrella Policy. We will be happy to review the limits of your current liability coverage and also discuss the options available through the addition of Umbrella Coverage. Whenever considering an Umbrella, you also want to understand which policies are supplemented and which are not.

Some additional questions to consider are the number of people that visit your business, the risk that your employees are exposed to during any given work day, whether your employees drive on behalf of your business, and more. We will be happy to clearly explain the details and talk about the cost of this coverage. Contact us today!

For additional information about Commercial Umbrella Liability coverage, please contact us.


If your principal business involves moving goods or people, You may also want to take a look at the options available through Brooker Transportation.